Car seat for your child

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Accidents do happen on the day that we less expected it.  That is why it is best for us to be ready always.  When you are driving your own car with your child on board, it is right to the car seat for them.  The car seat is needed to prevent the child from being hurt when car crash occurs.  Of course, we do not want an accident to happen, but as they say, prevention is better than cure, and that we should be ready always.  Is it better to be safe than sorry right?  The seatbelt is not enough to ensure the safety of the child on board.

We need to protect our family always especially the kids while on board.  We should know how to install the car seat.  Good thing the are there to help us.  Upon installing the car seats, they used the Latch System also, investigating the latch system to make sure it is properly installed.  You do not need to worry for they have certified child passenger technicians to help you out with the car seat checks.  We should think of the family especially the child safety first, and so car seat check is the first thing to do before hitting the road.  Also, for us to have a safe trip.

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For child’s development

I supposed we all know that our first education starts in our own home, the parents are the first teachers and the first school is our house.  The environment where we grow, learn simple things like good values, interacting with others and respectful human beings.  Therefore, parents played the big part in educating the child since the day they were born.  What they taught will carried by their child/children as the young ones are the big imitator.  I can say this because my nephews and nieces are big imitators.  I have to be careful of what I say, I do, preach, etc, because I do not want to put not so good input in their minds.

Anyways, I am saying this because the kids today are not so good at school.  I did not say all, but many are disturbed because they are more hooked into playing and games on the internet.  It does influences their growing mind because some games is too harsh for their innocent mind.  As much as possible, I do not my the nieces and nephews to indulge them with these kinds of games.  These are not good for their development.  Instead, I want them to have nursery books, toys, and classes at home in a form of playing.  By these ways, the child’s development is good and will make them appreciate more about the importance of education and learning.

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