It is her decision after all

One of the latest news in showbiz now is about the celebrity who chooses to change her gender preference, changed her name, and her physical appearance.  I must admit I am shocked and disturbed by that sudden change.  I never thought that she would go that far.  I mean she can act like a man and dress like a man if that what makes her happy and comfortable with, but the change your physical appearance is absurd.  It is like showing that you do not like what is God is given to you.  Well, this is not new in showbiz and in the world today because of modern technology, but to Catholic believers, this is shocking and difficult to accept and understand.

There are negative and positive comments about this issue lately.  Some are helpful and hurtful, but who cares?  If a person is happy with her decision and contended with it, that is all that matters.  This certain celebrity will be bashed and judged by some people, but soon it will die naturally as the people will slowly accept and understand her, especially her family, relative, and friends.  It is her decision after all, and people should respect that because she deserves to be respected whatever her preferences will be.  Hopefully, she will not regret this in the future.

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Justice has been served

Few months back, the most talked issue on television was the incident that happened to actor/host V. Navarro. He was beaten by group of people and was accused of raping the model D. Cornejo. Different cases like have been filed. Both parties are arguing, fighting and asking for justice. Because they were both celebrities, the issue was sensationalized. Many are sympathized in Navarro’s side because of his situation. He was beaten really hard that you might think it is a blessing that he survived and still alive. After the cases filed, the media is not allowed to get coverage.

After months of battling, justice has been served to V. Navarro. The group of people (C. Lee’s group) who beat him and detained him illegally is now facing the consequences. The law is after them now and they will put behind bars because the sin they have committed has no bail. However, they still are not accepting the charges to them. To them, justice is not fair. But to V. Navarro’s side, justice is on their side. And they are happy of the court’s decision. Navarro’s family, relatives, fans and friends, are happy about the decision as well. V. Navarro learned a lot from this experienced. I do hope that the other parties learned their lessons too because what they did is inhuman. No one deserves to be treated the way they did to Navarro.

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The love is still there

The love story between Kris Aquino (actress, host) and James Yap (basketball player) is known to the public.  They were so open about it.  Many accepted it, loves it and some are criticising it.  To them, people’s opinions are not important.  What is important is their love for each other, feelings for each other’s and their family’s supports.  They were blessed with one son.  Just like an ordinary married couple, they also have encountered problems, the problems that lead to broken married.  Unfortunately their love story has ended after nice years of being together.  They live separate lives now.

Time heals all wounds as they say.  After arguing and fighting, they have decided to be friends for their son’s sake.  They are patching everything and accepting that they are not meant for each other.  They both have partners now and happy with their life.  However, seeing both of them in the interview, I can tell that they still love each other.  They still care for each other but it is not for them to share.  It is best for them to remain as friends for now.  But who knows, maybe they will end up together again.  Nobody can tell, only God knows what is ahead of them.  Since the love is still there, they can start again someday when they are still single.

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