Back from the camping

We were surprised when we saw the niece arrived from the camping yesterday.  She was supposed to be going home on Tuesday (Dec. 03, 2013).  Their camping days were cut off to four days because of the bad weather.  It has been raining every night here in the city.  The camp is so muddy and the kids were so dirty.  They could not stay any longer so the days of staying there was cut-off.   Even so, the niece did have fun, meet new friends from different schools and learned something that would help her in gaining more self-confidence.  She enjoyed the memories especially when they went to the famous inland resort here in the city.

The niece is back from the camping yesterday afternoon.  She was so tried and sleepy.  She did not able to arrange her stuffs because she went directly to the bedroom and sleep.  While she is sleeping, her mother unpacked her stuffs.  Checking the things she brought to see if something is missing.  She lost some when she was attending the same camping a year ago.  She was told by her mother to be attentive of her stuffs before she lives.  We thought she would take extra careful this time.  However, the same thing happens.  This time the niece lost her girl scout shorts.  When? Where? and How? She doesn’t know.  Her mother gets mad but it would not help.  The niece was scolded by her mother last night and gets some words of advice.  I do hope that this would be the last and I do hope that she will learn this time.

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