Thank you brother

I am torn and don’t know what to do when the sister told us that she doesn’t feel well on the evening of January 15, 2013. She has the feeling that the baby will come out any moment.  We are not panicking, just that we do not know who will look after her first son.  She doesn’t have a nanny to look after her first son while we are in the hospital.  I am the nephew’s nanny for the meantime while they are still looking for a nanny, but this time my sister needs me to go with her at the hospital.  I really wanted to go but my father does not want me to go for no one will look after the nephew.

I asked the father and older brother since they are just at home, to look after the nephews for a few days, but they do not want to.  I felt sorry for the sister because she really wants me to go with her.  I only have one hope, my eldest brother.  I have to persuade him to leave for work for a couple of days to look after the nephew and his son while I am at the hospital.  I am happy that he said yes, and informed the company where he works that he will take two days off from work.  The eldest brother is a saviour indeed.  I am so thankful of him for the sacrifices he made to help the sister who is in need.  Thank you brother.

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Follow what I say

I am happy when the younger show up after four months of leaving the house.  He decided to leave the house and rent a small house together with his girlfriend.  Even if we have accepted his decision to be with her, still it is very painful to us because he chooses the girl over us  his family.  I do not understand and get what the brother is thinking.  Instead of making his own things to success in life, he chooses to be the bodyguard of his girlfriend.  It is a big disappointment to my father for he dreamed that his younger son will do best in his chosen field.  Though it is not good to force him to do things, still the father insisted that he the brother should put into practice what he has learned from five years of studying his chosen course.

We are aware that it is not good to implement “follow what I say” to my brother that is why a much as possible we do not get to the point of doing it to him.  However, we have learned that the girlfriend of my brother is doing it. At first, we didn’t believe it to give the girl the benefit of the doubt.  But sad to say the gossips are so right.  The girl wanted the brother to follow what she says.  The brother is not a robot but doing what the girl has to say.  Makes me angry but I am trying to control myself this time.  We just hope and pray that the brother will wake up soon and realized that he needs a life away from the bossy girlfriend and needs a time to make on his own and to prove to everyone that he can be a successful one someday.


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Forced to leave his job

Because of the serious condition of my brother, he was advice by doctor to stop drinking and smoking forever.   It was indeed a good news because no more smoker in the house.  We are safe from the illness that we may suffer from inhaling the smoke from the cigarette.  Good thing nothing really serious happens to my brother,   He is still taking his medicines and hopefully he will be fully recovered after finishing all the medicine for his home medication.  And because of his condition, their boss ordered that my brother should leave the site.  As much as he wanted to stay, the owner/boss insisted for my brother to leave his job because he is sick.

He is really sad but there is nothing he could do but to accept that he lost his job because of his condition.  The family comforted him and makes him feel special because he is so sad after losing his job.  His condition right now is the result of him being a change smoker and a drinker.  He learned his lesson, after what happen.  I hope that the brother will get better soon so that he can do the things that he does back when he is not sick.  I can tell that he misses his normal life so bad.  Just be patient brother and pray harder for only God knows.

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