Cutting of Hair: A sign of brokenheart

Back when I was still studying, I have heard several stories about the reason of the girls cutting their long hair very short.  They said that, when a girl cuts her long hair it is because she is brokenhearted.  I do not know whether it is true or not because I haven’t been in the situation.   Smiley  Well, I talked to my friend before who have been into different relationship.  To her it is true because she done it many times already.  I do not know is she is telling the truth or not.  Base on my observation,  I guess it is really depends on the girl on how she is going to handle it if they are brokenhearted.

I am saying this because I saw KC Conception in short hair.  As we all know, her relationship with famous actor did not went very well.  She has shed many tears after their relationship ends.  I can tell that  she is really hurt and in pain after seeing her interview on television.  Well, seeing her today in the local show with very short hair makes me think that she indeed is brokenhearted.  Her pain made her decides to cut her very long hair.  Ever since, I have seen her with very long hair and this is the first time I saw her with short hair.  In fairness to her, she looks stunning with short hair.  It is good to see her with short hair after a long time.

If you were to ask, it is true that cutting of our hair after the break-up means you are badly hurt?


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