I do not think it is a good idea

Yesterday at the birthday celebration of the nephew, the cousin and I are having a little conversation and our topic is getting married and having a baby.  She told me that I should get married soon because I am not getting any younger.  Oh yeah, here we go again.  She said that I should double my time this year because at my age, bearing a child is difficult.  If I am not fortunate enough to walk down aisle, at least I have a baby to take good care of me when I get old.  Getting married is not longer an issue, the main goal is to have a child.

I respected the cousin’s points of view, but thinking it thoroughly I do not think it is a good idea.  I still believe that if I were to have a child, at least under the context of married.  I do not like to think that the reason of having a child is to have someone to be with me when I am bed ridden already.  I think it is so unfair for the child.  It is still best to have the child out of love and with the blessings of God through marriage.  I’d rather grow old alone that taking the cousin’s suggestions.  If I am blessed to get married and have a child, it would be a dream come true.  I am hoping, praying and wishing always.  Hopefully sooner.

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