Beauty with a Mission


picture not mine

The above photo is the winners of the recently concluded Mutya ng Dabaw 2012 pageant.  The pageant was one of the highlights of the 75th Araw ng Dabaw.  These ladies will be the ambassador of the city.   I was able to watch the pageant on live stream.  I was happy because it’s the first that I watched the pageant live.  Though I am not there watching personally, seeing it on live stream is like I am at the event watching.  I do love to watch beauty pageant and so I watched the pageant.

Just like other beauty pageant, these ladies has different charity works, projects and mission that they will be continue doing during their reign.  During the pageant, they mentioned their mission and plans which makes these ladies more beautiful.  They are not just for beauty and brains, they also wanted to reach out helping others.  Indeed beauty pageant is one great way to help others.  They can be the ambassador of goodwill.  It is true that their beauty has a mission and their mission to help others will come true. Good luck to these ladies, I hope that they will surely continue doing charity works to less fortunate ones especially the kids that they mentioned during the competition.


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