I missed the pageant

Watching beauty pageant is one of my passions.  Call me frustrated beauty queen and I will accept that because I am.  Well, it is every women/girls dream right?  But not all are given the chance to be a beauty queen.  I have accepted that I don’t have the height, looks, intelligent and the body to be a beauty queen.  haha!  That is why I will am contented to be just an avid fan.  Watching beauty pageant makes me dream to become a beauty queen come true.  I always puts myself on the last contestant.  That is how pathetic and frustrated I am.  And also, puts myself a winner. woohoo!

Anyways, last night was the much awaited beauty pageant here in the country.  The pageant where the people will choose of which of the beauties will represent the country in the Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International.  I am sad because I missed to watch the pageant. And it is because of my older brother.arghs!  He watch UFC show on different channel.  Even if I asked him just to watch the final interview, he doesn’t want me to.  I am sad that I missed the pageant this year.  I will have to wait for another year to watch the next beauty pageant.  Oh well, I can watch the international pageant when they are going to represent the country abroad.

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