I Just Love It

Basketball is my favorite sports to watch.  I even joined the basketball team in our school back when I was still in high school.  I love the feeling of dribbling the ball and shooting it.  I got this hobby from my father and brothers who loves to watch and play basketball also.  I find this game very entertaining and the thrill it brings especially if the scores are tied.  Before I do watched basketball in our place and in Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

It was the year of Michael Jordan’s career as basketball star when I started to watch NBA.  And of course my idol was Michael Jordan, the legend as they say.  No ones beat him until he retires and that makes him a legend.  From then on, I started watching NBA games.  The thrill I saw in the local basketball games is nothing compares to NBA.  Players are played so fast, their heights, and their way of playing.  It is very entertaining indeed.  I so love this game and will love it always.  Sad so say that my team did not able to make it to the final this year. I just love this games that I still continue to watch even my team is not on the final.

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