Wants to be a member of badminton team

When the niece were younger, I do not remember her playing badminton game.  It is not her type so to speak.  She is more into biking, playing rubber, chinese garter and volleyball.  Badminton sport does not excite her at all.  Things changed I must say because the niece now loves to play badminton.  She even asked me once if I have money because she wants to badminton set.  I did not buy her before because I am pretty sure she will not going to use it longer for it is not her thing.

The niece now is in Grade 7.  Their school will be having intramural soon.  She wants to be a member of the badminton team in her grade level.  One of the requirements is to have their own racket to use for practice and in the competition proper.  I thought she already forgot this badminton addiction.LOL  But I like her confidence now.  She used to be a shy type girl but now she wants to go out, explore and try new things.  She is begging me now to buy her a racket.  The timing is bad because I do not have budget for that now.  I want to help her but I do not know where to get the money.  I hope that I will have extra so I could buy her a racket.

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