No Commercial Break

Last Saturday was the much awaited Tamang Panahon Event of the Kalyeserye in Eat Bulaga.  Tamang Panahon means The Right Time in English.  This event is focuses on the story of the Phenomenal Love Team of AlDub ( Alden Richards and Maine “yayadub” Mendoza.  Anyways, I am an avid fan of the show Eat Bulaga.  I have saw how great the show is and I can proudly say that I love this show and will surely watch the show as long as it is still on air.  I watched how this Phenomenal love team started.  It was very funny that is why people hooked with this love team.

The show was No Commercial Break.  I never thought that the organizer of this event would give so much satisfaction to their audiences inside the Arena and those watching at home and overseas.  Non-stop happiness and entertainment I must say.  They showed that they valued their fans, audiences at viewers.  No wonder the show Eat Bulaga lasted for 36 years.  The show was awesome especially when the love team ALDUB finally meet.  The love team first hug, first holding hands, first dance, and many more first.  Kuddos to the show, I pray that you will last longer and will give more happiness, joy, and blessings to all of your avid audiences and viewers.  Good luck and Happy 36 Years!

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ALDUB: The Phenomenal Loveteam

Many are hooked with this phenomenal loveteam called Aldub.  Al is Alden Richards (actor) and Dub is the queen of Dub Smash Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza).  This two will be seen in the longest running noontime show in the country (Philippines), Eat Bulaga.  I am one of their millions viewers, an avid fan of this noontime show to be exact.  I still remember the first time this two started their romance on split screen.  They communicate through dub smash and fun signing.  It was really cute and their chemistry is nice.  Seeing them doing the dub smash feels really good plus the songs will makes you fall in love.

Because of their genuine reaction on Kalyeserye people are loving them.  Their fans are all over the world and they are making history.  They were called the Phenomenal Love Team in the country.  Though some doesn’t like it.  Is span of two months they already have two commercials.  To be honest, I am one of their fans.  I always watched them on Kalyeserye because of the happiness they bring to the people.  They make me feel in-love even if I do not have boyfriend. LOL  They are trending in social media too.  Many fans are wishing and hoping that they will end up together because they are really compatible.  I wish the same.

Anyways, have you heard of this ALDUB love team?  How do you find them?  If not, you should. Why?  You google it.LOL

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