Does age really matters?

In our society, when it comes to love relationship it is very hard to accept when the couple has big age gap. Old carabao eats young grass, as they say.   But no matter how they call it, the involved people don’t mind it. What is important is the feeling they felt to each other. Besides it is very common nowadays as girls/ladies prefer older guys. However, if the older one is the girl it is a different story. People find it like a survival case. Because younger will not take it seriously. It is more of a financial issue. Partially it is true that make the sorry sad.

Anyways, I am saying this after watching a dram with this story. It is really sad for a guy to show and express it because people around them will always have a doubt of his true intention. This is happening in real life too and it is really a sad story. I admit I have put myself in this situation and i do not think I can handle it properly. Even though they would say not to think of others opinion, still it would affect the relationship. Watching the drama makes me think, does age really matters?

If you will be in this situation, would you fight for your love and happiness?

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