Writing an essay about abortion

A friend of mine sends me a message asking me if I could help her on her school report.  Their teacher gave them the assignment to write on what is their stand on abortion.  And they are going to the debate it on class.  Scared, that is what she told me.  So, she is asking me if I could help her write the essay for her and explain it to her.  I should make it simple for her to express her views on the class in an easy way.  It is not an easy topic I must say because there are advantages and disadvantages on abortion.  And there are reasons why people opted to commit abortion.  Also, I have to cite an example for her to use in their debate.

 I did not promise her to give a good essay but told her to write the best I can do to help her.  Since she got pregnant at a very young age, I made her story the example on the essay.  I am glad that she likes the essay I made, and like my idea of sharing her life story.  The struggle she has overcome when she got pregnant at a young age.  I am glad that I can help a friend and happy to hear the good feedback on my writing.  It has been a while since I wrote an essay.

Writing an essay about abortion is a good thing because I learned things about abortion, why women do commit abortion, reasons of aborting the child, the kinds of abortion and the likes.  It is challenging for me to give the best essay because in that way, I am not only helping a friend but also helping the young once to be responsible for their actions, for abortion is not the answer to avoid the responsibility when they got pregnant at the early age.

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Abandoned Angels

I have seen many cases about a fetus seen in the toilet bowl, inside the box and leave it in the trash can, and much more.  Situation that breaks the hearts of many because such precious angels are killed by their own mother.  Yeah, these are the result of early pregnancy and unwanted pregnancy resulting to abortion.  There are also cases where a baby put in the big box or basket and place it outside the church, residential house, charity institutions and any places they think because their mind are to get rid of the upcoming responsibilities are parent/s.  A very serious issue that needs an immediate action to save the innocent one.

Abandoned Angels, this is the title of a documentary show on local channel to be aired later tonight.  I love watching documentary shows because of the informative issues they tackle.  And tonight, I might watch this show because their topic is very much interesting.  I am pretty sure that everyone who will watch the show will get a lessons and will be given idea of how precious a human being is.  A very good topic dedicated to those into abortion, thinking of having abortion and those parent/s who are planning to just leave their baby anywhere else just to avoid the responsibilities.  This is a gift from God that we should value.  I hope my eyes won’t give me issues later tonight because I am a bit tired and sleepy already.  (too bad)


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