Nice finished for the Philippines

The 28th SEA GAMES was a success!  The Philippine team finished six place in over all medal tally standing.  Good job for the country’s representative.  Though we felt a bit sad because some of country’s representatives did not able to get any medal, but still we are happy and proud.  The country’s athletes are getting better and better, they just needs more practice, exposure to international competitions, enough training and experience so they can compete with the powerhouse team from other countries.  Even so with lack of training and exposure, the athletes gives their best to give their opponent and awesome game/fight.

The country’s pride/athletes receives heroes welcome.  And will continue their training for the upcoming 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  I hope that the country will send more athletes for us to have bigger chance of getting medal especially the very elusive gold medal for the country.  Seeing the performances of the country’s pride/athletes in the last 28th SEA GAMES, I am pretty sure that they will get medal this coming Olympics, of course with the grace and blessing of God.  Good luck to the Philippines team in all the competitions that they are joining.  Also, congratulations for the job well done during the 28th SEA GAMES in Singapore.

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Did not make it to the semi-final

Among the Philippine delegates that sent in Singapore for the 28th SEA GAMES, I am so excited to watch the performance of the women volleyball team.  I am excited because after 10 years the country will be sending delegates for this event.  I am even more excited because the players are my favorite.  I have watched some of them in their collegiate tournament and volleyball league in the country.  I am pretty sure that they will do well because they were tried, tested and selected.  Also, I have watched them many times and I know that they will give their opponent a good game.

Their first game against Indonesian is an upset because they loss in three straight sets.  It was really an upset, however, after they won the game against Malaysia, the country’s volleyball team has hope to get a medal.  But the hope is snatched by the volleyball team from Thailand.  They give their best and their power to win the game but it is not enough to beat the power house team from Thailand.  The women’s volleyball team of the country did not make it to the semi-final but still we are proud of their performance.  Even though they did not grab any medal in the 28th SEA GAMES, they show to the world that we too can compete internationally and we are the team to watch  out for in the future.  It was a wonderful experience for the girls.

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The 28th SEA Games

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The 28th SEA Games started last June 5, 2015.  I watched the colorful opening ceremony, the parade of nations, lighting of the torch, and the dancing and singing entertainment.  It was a wonderful opening ceremony.  I so wish I am there and witness it personally.  Of course I am supporting my country.  I have watched Olympics, ASIAN Games, SEA Games, and other sports competitions on television coverage and I love it.  I am a big fan of sports events because it is one of my dream to be part of the National Team and represent the country.  I know it is impossible but still I am dreaming.LOL

Anyways, this 28th SEA Games, I pray that the country will bagged lots of medals especially gold.  It has been a while since the country are on top of the medal tally.  I have watched the events that the country has representatives and so far they are doing great.  The athletes are giving their very best for the country.  I am so excited to watch the volleyball game because it’s been years since the country sent representatives for this event.  Go go go Philippines bring home more medals and show to them that we are the team to watch out for.

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