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God bless their hearts

The country once again hit by another typhoon names ‘Maring’.  Due to too much rain, some part of the country especially the northern part was flooded up to now.  It will break my heart seeing my countrymen struggling to save their lives, family and their stuffs.  The typhoon leaves a devastating result.  Thousands of families are now staying in evacuation area for their houses was flooded.  Despite what happened, they still feel blessed because their alive and their families are fine.  They still manage to smile because they are safe.  To them, life is more important above anything else.

Relief goods are given away, some are giving foods for the victims, media, celebrities, politicians, and those who have good hearts that is willing to share their blessings.  God bless their the hearts of those individual who gives time, money, foods and other goods to the victims of flood cause by typhoon ‘Maring’.  I do pray that the flood will be over so the victims can go back to their houses and start cleaning.  It is sad truth but life is like that.  We may experience a very difficult situation but the show must go on.  We must continue living.  God will always there for us.

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The Gloomy Weather

Today is my scheduled to do my laundry.  I have loads of it since Monday plus added up the dirty clothes from our family bonding at the beach last Saturday.  When I look at that basket where I used to put dirty clothes it overloads and makes me sick.  Then I realized that I did not do my laundry for almost a week.  And it is because of the gloomy weather.  I am lazy to do the laundry when the weather is gloomy plus the scattered rain showers.  I do not like when the clothes is not dry within the day.  I usually waited when is the sun comes out then I do my laundry and can hang the clothes till it gets dry. Smiley

I have waited for days, but still the gloomy weather covers the whole city.  My schedule to do my laundry today was cancelled.   I felt like crying looking my laundry basket flooding with dirty clothes.  I so wish that the brother will take the initiative to do his laundry by himself.  I have talked to him about that but seems like my words are falling into deaf ears.   SmileySad to say, I have to do all the laundry by myself.  And by just looking it, I feel tired already.  Hopefully, Mr. Sunshine will show up tomorrow so that I can do my laundry.


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One after the Other

The country is experiencing heavy rains and floods in some areas because of the series of typhoons that’s been hitting the country last month and on the first day of this month.  Although the country and the people are used to lots of typhoons in a year still caught unaware. But not used to hit by two typhoons at the same time.  Many areas are still in water particularly areas in the north.  Classes are suspended; many are not able to go to their works, farm and home because of the floods.

Since there is another typhoon coming some residents decided to just stay in the evacuation area for another days till it’s time to go back to their houses.  It is never easy to be hit by typhoon one after the other.  The good thing is that affected residents still manage to smile despite their current situation.  The one of the weapons to inspire them to go on moving and keep the faith that all will be over and sun will come out to bring light and bright to their lives.  Every storm has an ending and a new beginning to offer.  Embrace the new tomorrow because rainbow will shine and bring colors to our lives.

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Short Hair this Summer

It is summer season here in the Philippines.  Weather is expected to be hot and people would like to go to the beach.  Of all the summer that I have experience here in my country this year is the hottest.  Climate changes I must say because the kind of hot right now is like burning fire.  It can cause heat stroke and skin cancer.  That is why people were advice to use protection for our skin and head.  In fashion sense, it is also recommended to have short hair this summer to lessen the heat and the sweat.

I am not following fashion that much but I follow the recommended hairstyle this summer.  Yes, I did cut my long hair because I cannot bare the heat.  This is best thing to do for me to make me feel fresh this summer.  My hair was long for quite some time and I am not used to short hair. Having short hair really makes me feel fresh and not too heavy on my head.  I am happy to have new look now.  I have observed also from people here in my place, they also have short hair this summer.  I must say they are affected by hot weather. Go for short hair and feel fresh even if the weather is hot.

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