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Fun At The Pet Inn

Instead of leaving your pets at home alone when you go on vacation or go out of town on a business trip, you might want to check this out. There are pet inns that offer comfortable amenities and fun activities while the animals are there. These facilities are similar to a kennel as there are separate areas for the pets to stay. However, each area usually features a bed for the pet to sleep in and time to enjoy playing outside. Some facilities play music to help pets relax while they are trying to go to sleep. There are even some that show television programs from Animal Planet so that the pet has a way to stay entertained.

There is usually some kind of schedule at pet inns and hotels. The day often starts with breakfast and time outside with the other animals. The staff will make sure your pet is safe while playing. If there are any issues, then you will be alerted to decide what to do about the incident. Most facilities have a way to check in on your pet through a video system so that you can make sure your friend is cared for in the best way.

After a nutritious breakfast, your pet can receive spa services that include clipping the nails, a shampoo or brushing the hair. Workers can teach a few simple tricks and commands to your pet, or your pet can relax in his own little area until it’s time to go outside again. The inn often serves the healthiest food possible, but if there is a certain food that your pet enjoys, then you can usually drop it off when taking your pet to the inn. There are toys to play with, and the pets usually get a treat in the afternoon or before bed. In the afternoon, the animals are usually taken outside once again. Most of the time, the animals are kept divided based on their size, making it safe for the small animals to play with each other while the larger animals can play a little rougher. A time is set aside for the animals to get ready for bed so that they are rested for the next day.

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Following what I taught

Since the nanny of my two nephews left, I do not have enough time for my two years old nephew to play with him because my hands are so full with my other nephew.  My sister asked me to baby-sit her sons while they are still looking for a new baby-sitter.  I can sense that my two years old nephew got jealous because he is being a brat.  He does not want to listen to me and does not follow what I teach him.  I am having some hard time to explain to him that his cousin needs more time compared to him.  I just extend my patience teaching him and trying my very best to spend time with him while the baby is sleeping.

I am so happy because he is now being a good boy now and following what I teach him.  I can tell that my nephew is a smart boy because at his very young age, he understands what I told him.  It took me patience and effort to control my anger and I am glad I am able to control it.  The house is calm now because my two years old nephew does not cause so many messes.  He is now following what I say and doing the things that I wanted him to do.  He is a helping little boy I can tell.

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The choir at the church

Yesterday was a busy day for me because I am not only witnessing the first communion of my niece, but also celebrating my birthday. I decided to go with them since I am planning to attend a mass and light a candle to thank the Lord for another year added in my life. At the church, I was amaze because had fully participated in the mass. Some selected girls were reading the gospel, the Psalm and they are also the choir. I must say that the kids are talented especially the choir members. The pulpit mic audio technica at musicians friend they are using makes their voice soothing to the ears and very clear. In fact they were praise by the priest because they sing very well. They sing like a real choir at the mass. Reminds me of the time were I used to be a member of the choir at the church. Oh well, just saying.

Who has the right?

The most talked issue in the news/country today is the chaos between the Malaysian government and the Sultan of Sulu (part of Philippines) regarding the parcel of land.  Both are claiming for the rights of the land.  I do not mind this issue at first because for me it is out of my business, however, after seeing the real situation that has been showed on the news, I thought of sharing my views here.  I am lack of knowledge about this issue, I will just share what I felt after seeing the situation and hearing the sides of the parties.

Both parties involved are showing their documents regarding their rights of the land.  Who’s telling the truth?  It is still on debate because no one knows who has the right since both parties are claiming it.  What breaks my heart after seeing the situation are those victims who are innocent.  They were forced to fight because they were asked to do so.  Many were hurt, wounded and died fighting for the land.  The high officials do not want to give up.  The greediness of the person causes this painful fight.  I hope and pray that this situation will be over soon before many lives have been wasted.  Also, hope that they will talk peacefully for them to come up with a conclusion of who has the real rights.

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