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Six Place Finish

The Sea Games 2017 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is about to end.  After almost 2 weeks of completing the country, Philippines finished in six place.  The country is competing for 39 events and got 24 gold as of today.  The athletes are giving their best for the country.  I’ve watched the coverage of the games online and on live coverage on television.  There were upsets on the athletes that are expected to bring a medal for the country and it is sad that they failed.  But they give all their might it’s just that it is not their lucky day.  Athletes cried because they failed and that is normal I guess.  I even felt like crying for them too.  Better luck next time so to speak.

The next Sea Games will be on 2019 and the host country is my country, Philippines.  I am looking forward to the next Sea Games.  The athletes have two years to practice before the competition.  I do hope that the country will send more athletes to compete to have bigger chances of bringing more medals for the country.  I am also looking forward to the volleyball national team, they are strong and have the will to win just that their opponents are more ready than them.  Hopefully, they will do their best in the next Sea Games and recruits more players that can smash the ball better.  I prayed that on the 2019 Sea Games, the country will have finished on first place.

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The four remaining best teams in the league

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I love watching sports preferably basketball and volleyball games.  I really like watching these games because it requires stamina, strength, wit, and quickness.  Now, I am watching the Premier Volleyball League (PVL) in the country.  It is a re-enforcement conference.  I am happy because I can see local and national volleyball players in the country.  The league is too intense because of their re-enforcement players from other country.  I am sad seeing my favorite team is struggling.  Their records are disappointing after the double elimination round.  Good thing, they still have chances to be in the semi-final round if they will have 2 or more wins games in the quarterfinals.

True enough, my favorite team Creamline Cool Smashers, did make it to the semi-finals.  They still have the chance to be in the finals.  I am hoping to see them in the final round.  The four remaining best team on the Premier Volleyball League, Re-enforcement Conference in the country are, Bali Pure Water Defender, Power Smashers, Pocari Sweat Lady Warriors, and Creamline Cool Smashers.  My favorite team will go against the first seed team which is the Bali Pure Water Defender.  It would be a great battle for my team for they will like breaking down the great wall of China.haha!  The Water Defender drew first blood on their first game.  Hope my team will bounce back on their best-of-3 series.  Good luck to my team and hope they will be victorious.


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Back-to-Back Championship for DLSU

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The Season 79 UAAP Women’s Volleyball Finals has concluded today.  The defending champion De La Salle University (DLSU) Lady Spikers retains the title as they swept the Ateneo Lady Eagles (ADMU) in their best of three series, 2-0.  It was a good fight and the girls gives their hearts and determination to win and it was the DLSU Lady Spikers emerged.  It was a sweet victory for the archers to win the back-to-back title.  And a sad exit for the Ateneo Lady Eagles.  But there is nothing to be ashamed of for the lady eagles because they give a good fight.  Just that the heart of the defending champion is stronger than them.

I am cheering for the lady eagles and I am sad that they did not win the title.  But to make it to the finals is a sweet victory already.  Better lack next time to the blue lady eagles I must say.  The lady eagles are still young and they can bounce back in the next season.  I hope to see Bea De Leon, Jia Morado, Michelle Morente, Joana Maraguinot, and the Ateneo Lady Eagles team win the women’s volleyball championship.  These ladies will surely rock the volleyball court next season.  Still a huge congratulations to the ladies for the job well done.  You may not bring home the crown, but to us Ateneo fans, you are the winner and you are the champion in our hearts.  Kudos to the DLSU Lady Spikers for winning the back-to-back title.

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Bowling Workshop this Summer

I was at the mall last Tuesday for the moving up ceremony of my preschooler nephew.  After the ceremony, the sister treats us at our favorite fast food chain.  And we went on strolling around the mall and go window shopping after we are done eating.  Even though it is very tiring, it is fine with one because the kids are enjoying it and having fun at the mall.  While at the mall, the lady approaches us and asked us if we would like to enroll the kids for bowling workshop this summer.  There is no registration fee, we just have to show proof of purchase with the certain amount they need for registration.  It is a good idea I think.

The sister and I decided to register the kids for this bowling summer workshop but before doing it, we asked the kids first if they want to try the bowling workshop.  And they all smiled.  The niece and nephews are so excited for the workshop.  We already have the form needed for the workshop.  We just have to fill it up and bring it back to them with the kids on the first day of workshop.  This would be a new experience of the kids this summer.  It is their first time.  And I wish that they will learn and will enjoy their summer workshop.  Good luck kids!

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UAAP Season 79 Women’s Volleyball

The UAAP season 79 women’s volleyball opens February 4, 2017 at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City.  This is one of the event in UAAP that people are waiting for and more excited to watch.  I am a big fan of this sport and happy that the women’s volleyball has started though I am a bit sad because my favorite player Alyssa Valdes from the Ateneo Blue Eagles is no longer in the court.  She is one of the player that I will surely miss while watching this sport.  She is a phenomenal as they say.  She made all volleyball enthusiast come to watch, love and enjoy this sport even more.  The court would not be the same without her, but still it is exciting because we will be seeing a new star to be born and known in this sport in the UAAP.

The National University (NU) got their first win over University of the East (UE) on first game.  On second game, the Ateneo Blue Eagles (ADMU) drown first blood over University of Sto. Tomas lady tigresses (UST).  It was one exciting games yesterday and expecting more exciting games as the season started.  Hope my team will make it to the finals this time.  I have seen new names to watch out for.  New star will be born for sure in their respective schools.  It will be a battle between veterans and sophomore.  Who will emerged?  It is for us to find out.

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