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Scared to go to college

As we all know education is very important to us.  It is the only wealth the no one can take it away from us and the only wealth that will bring us to where we want to be.  It is also the key to our success.  That is why we have to focus and be sincere to study our lessons and do well at school.  Being a student isn’t easy.  We should have determination, dreams, eagerness, efforts and patience to keep us going.  We will be able to face trials, challenges, and difficulties that might think us to stop/quit but without these hardships we won’t be able to taste the sweet fruit of success.

This is the reason the sister wants the nanny of her sons to continue her college.  Though she likes her and doesn’t want her to leave, but the sister also thought that she won’t be forever be a nanny.  She needs to spread her wings and fly to make her dreams/goals in life come true.  And to make it possible, she needs to finish college.  However, she is scared to go to college.  It is normal I guess because that is how I feel when I first entered college.  But eventually she will be able to overcome it and will love it.  We are encouraging her to pursue her studies because she is young and she will need this wealth (education) to achieve her dreams and ambitions in life.  We do hope that she will change her mind so the sister will enrol her this semester.

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Not only the children but also the teachers

We have heard on the news and read on the newspapers about a student being hurt by a teacher.  This is a serious issue since we consider teachers the second parent/s of the young ones.  The teacher/s involves are being investigated because the parents files a complaint.  There are teachers that have been relieved from their job for the same reason.  It is sad because being jobless and has kids is too difficult.  This is the reason a Child Protection Policy is being implemented.  This is to secure the welfare of every student.

This policy is good because we have to protect our future generation.  However, did they ever think of the welfare of the teachers?  I mean, the teachers handle 50-60 students in a class in public school.  Handling this much students is not easy indeed.  Also, there are students that are so hard headed, bully, too noisy, do not listen and the worse is provoking the teacher.  Let’s face it our new generation is kind of war shock.  Influenced by what they seen on television and the games they played on the computer.  Let us be considerate to the teachers who handle 50-60 students in a class.  If they for instance hurt your child, we have to give to talk and maybe settle the issue.  We have to be aware that the job of the teachers is not easy, handling 50-60 students with different characters and background.  They should not just implement the child protection program but also to the teachers for they need the protection too.

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She deserves it

After working so hard, my dearest friend did able to fulfill her dreams to become a teacher.  She is so blessed I must say because after passing the licensure examination for teachers, she got a job in one of the famous private school here in the city.  I am so happy for her because it is her dream to teach kids and share the knowledge.  Her first year in teaching was a challenge for her because she doesn’t have any experience at all.  She is doing her hardest to be a good educator to her students.

 One school year has ended.  Although she is happy on the school she is working at, still she is hoping to get a teaching job in public school.  Yes, my friend is aiming to be hired in public school because of the nice opportunity.  And to make it happen, she has to leave her current job and focusing on applying to work in public school.  Indeed, you have to lose some to win some.  Her decision of leaving the private school is worth it because a friend is finally in at public school.  She is deserves it because she works very hard to get it.  Good luck my friend and congratulations!

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Not part of the job

One thing that I do not like when I go to offices or agencies is to encounter a not so approachable and friendly attendant.  But sometimes in our life we were tested by the things that we do not want to encounter.  I am saying this because I did have a bad experience when I went to the government agency here in the city to my tax.  Because they do not have noon break, I intended to come at 12 noon to avoid the crowd.  When I arrived, the guard who is in-charge in giving numbers is about to go to eat lunch.  I asked him to give me numbers, but he said to ask from the other guard.  So, I went to ask numbers to the guard who sits on his chair, however, he did not give me number.  He said that giving number is not part of his job.  I am so angry and wanted to yell at him, but I did not do it.  I have to be calm and relax because I am the one in need.

Anyways, I did not wait for the guard to finish his lunch.  I went to the other guard who is a bit older than to the one I asked first.  I explain to him everything and then he asked the young one to give me a number.  At the back of my mind I want to confront him when he told me it is not part of his job to give numbers.  I remember my professor in college told us that when a person is mean to you, just smile at them.  So, I just smiled at him after he gave me my priority number.

Not feeling well on my birthday

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My Teacher, My Hero

An old cliché’ goes like this: “A  teacher is a noble profession”.  Yes indeed!  It is more than just a profession, it is a vocation, and it is a way of life.  To teach is not a joke.  It needs more than just their knowledge and intelligence, it needs your patience, dedication, love and compassion.  To love the unlovable, to look at unruly and misbehaving children with the eyes of love, to understand the slow and hard to learn children, to look after the good and naughty ones at the same time, to strive hard to give yourself for the sake of teaching and having these  precious ones learn something, to give themselves unselfishly without expecting something in return, to sacrifice in going to school even when they are sick because they are the captain of the ship.  To try hard to improve oneself so that they can give something new to these learners.  Who can do all these sacrifices?  Yes, only a hero, a saint, a teacher!

My teacher is my hero.  All those things that she has sacrificed are more than just enough for her to become my hero.  When I say my teacher, my hero, I don’t only mean one particular teacher, but I mean all those teachers that have become part of my learning experience.  Those teachers, including the good and not so good ones, are my heroes because in some way or another they have helped me and molded me into who and what I am not today.  Thank you my teachers.

As we celebrate the world teachers’ day, I remember my teachers before and say a little prayer for them.  Though thank you is not enough to express my gratitude for your dedication, love and knowledge but it is my way of recognizing your efforts and my way of expressing how glad I am because you have shared yourselves to me.

Kudos to all the teachers in the world.  You make a difference.  You touch and mold lives.  You have the opportunity to make or break.  You are chosen.  You are lucky.  Take joy in the positive side of being a teacher and never mind the negative side because after all Jesus is your model.  There is no paradise without sacrifice.

P.S:  The sister’s entry in essay writing contest during the World teachers’ day celebration at school.

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