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The Promising State of the Nation by the President

As much as I wanted to post this on time, unfortunately, I was not able to because I am too busy.  The only time I have to sit down and face my laptop is a night but was not able to do it because I am too tired to do it.  My days are fully occupied taking care of the kids.  I really hope that the sister will find a nanny soon because I really need a help with the kids.  I am always running out of time.  Before, I usually have an afternoon nap, but not anymore because of the kids.  When the nephews are sleeping, the eight months old niece is awake.  Again, I am not complaining because I love being with them, I am just saying.haha!

Anyways, the SONA (State of the Nation) of President Duterte the other day is promising.  He is firmed with his plans to continue what he is doing.  To clean the government from corrupt officials, fight for drugs and crimes, and to make the country a better place to live.  But you cannot please everybody that is why some militant groups and anti-Duterte groups are having rallies in some parts of the country.  They are ranting, and create noise while the SONA is ongoing.  Well, they have reasons and they think by doing it, their grievances will be heard.  I hope that the president will succeed and will make this country a better place to live.  I pray that peace will reign soon, war will stop and love and understanding with each other prevails.  Of course, with the guidance and blessings from God.

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Another expose: New Lies or Truth?

Oh yes, another issue has tackled in the senate today.  The former witness named Lascanas against Matobato is now telling that his statement before is lies and now he is telling the truth.  He has his story and is telling everyone that the country’s President is a bad one.  No one really knows if he is telling the truth and if he is still a credible person knowing that he made a statement before under oath.  Indeed, there are lots of dramas in the politics and those ordinary citizens like me is confused if he is telling the truth or making another lie.

I was not able to watch the full senate hearing today because I am sick and so full of those same people throwing a stone on each other.  I do not want to ruin my day with those lies or truth they are saying.  Wasting the time listening to those people who are seeking attention.  I do not know if they just want to be famous or ruined other people lives.  I just want them to tell the truth and stop fooling the citizens of that statement that changes now and then.  But I do want to hear the truth.  I pray to God that this will be over soon and the truth will prevail so that we can move on with our lives and the President will continue doing what is best for the country.

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Let him rest in peace

After 27 years of waiting, finally the former Philippine President and dictatorship Ferdinand Marcos buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (a cemetery where Filipino heroes, army, policemen, Presidents/politician are buried).  His family is patiently waiting for almost three decade waiting for this day to come.  Some are against of him buried in the Libingan nga mga Bayani because of what he did in the past.  The people never forgets the martial law he declared years back.  Many are who go against him are missing, and their families are seeking for justice up to now.  They are protesting of President Duterte’s decision to bury him in the Libingan ng mga bayani because to them he is not a hero.

Yesterday was the burial of the former President Ferdinand Marcos.  Protesters are angry and making noise.  They are blaming the supreme court for allowing it to happen and angry of President Duterte’s decision.  For me, even though he did wrong things in the past he still have the right to be buried in the LNMB, because he is a former President of the country and a member of the arm forces of the Philippines before he became the President.  Let us not dwell on the things in the past that hinders us to move on.  We have to forget and forgive.  Let him rest in peace as well as those victims in the martial law.  Instead of protesting, we have to continue moving on for better future, and let us punish him for wrong doings he did when he is still alive.  Stop the hate, make peace and let us support President Duterte for better Philippines.

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The President in Action

He promised during the campaign period to serve the country and the people.  To make this country a better place to live for everybody and for the future generation.  These are some of the reasons the people of this country voting for him because people have seen the future in him.  His experiences in the local government makes him a better leader and his achievements makes him famous.  Now that he is the President of the Republic of the Philippines, people have high hopes that this country will rise again.  The people are counting on him, President Rodrigo Duterte.

The 16 millions votes he got during the election day won’t be wasted because he is the President in Action.  Even though he got many criticisms and some are dragging his name down, he still do his job as the leader of this country.  He does not care of those bad writes up, because his only care is for to serve the people and the country.  His campaign again drugs, criminality and corruptions are doing well too.  Just recently, he visited the areas affected by the typhoon Karen and sends the help to the victims.  He shows that he cares for his people.  And I do not know why some people (anti-duterte) does not see the goodness of his hearts.  I do not understand why others doesn’t accept him as the President of the Republic.  My only hope and pray that those Anti_Duterte will soon realize that he is a perfect leader.  Instead of criticizing, bashing, and making bad writes-up, we should give our support because he is doing his best for this country and the people.  He is a President in Action.

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Believe in him and give full support

The controversies started the moment he started to file his candidacy for the position of president in the republic.  Never in his wildest dream hat he would run for the highest position in the government in this country but with the beg and calling of the Filipino who believes in his capability he changes his mind.  His will to make a change, save the country and the people and make this country a better place for everybody especially to the new generations.  It would be a long and hard battle but he promised to do his might to deserved of the 16 millions Filipino people who believes and voted for him to the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

The controversies, issues, and other allegations came up when he steps in the Malacanang Palace.  Many still did not accept his victory.  They think that his foul-mouth will not make this country a better place to live.  His campaign about drugs, criminality, and corruptions is not easy.  As he said, it will be bloody if he wins for President.  Media reporters making the issue worse, and it is really sad that others are trying to pull him down.  Did not support him instead dragging him down and making him the bad guy.  Even so, he still do his job in the service of the Filipino people.  He doesn’t care, as he said in one of his press-conference.  I believe that the President will make this country a better place to live, make this country progressive, can solve the drug, criminality and corruption issues, but he can’t do it without the support of the Filipino people.  Above all, he needs our supports because he is doing it for all of us not for himself alone.  God bless the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

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