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The Blue Planet

I used to stay up late doing my stuffs online and watching drama online. It has been my routine when I am in front of my laptop already. But the other day I am up late watching a documentary show with my brother. It has been awhile since the last time I have watch documentary shows. The Blue Planet is the title of the featured documentary show. It is different from the usual I must say because most of the documentary shows I have watched are about poverty, family issues, politics, diseases and places. The blue planet is about the life in the deep blue sea. It shows kinds of fishes in the water. Shows how deep the sea/ocean is. Also, shows how water creatures survive and how are their lives in the deep-sea.

The video they took under the sea is really scary because it is so dark. It is amazing to see how these water creatures deceive their predator, they can also create light in the dark deep-sea and they can also create signs to tempt the victim. Some water creatures are really scary I must say. I am scared to go in the water and swim. Even though I do not know how to Makes me think, did these water creatures that are on the market and we served on our table eats human beings too? What do you think?

Anyways, it was a good decision to stay up late and watch documentary show because life under the sea is really amazing and interesting!

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For our awareness

We all are experiencing rapid climate changes today.  Even though we heard and read about latest weather forecast, still we have to b aware and ready for it changes unexpectedly.  I have noticed this changes lately based on the natural calamities that people are experiencing now.  Like such as the changes of the wind’s direction.  If we are more aware about the weather forecast, worse incidents can be avoided.  However, since we are not that aware many are caught unguarded when the natural calamities strikes.  Also, the awareness of the weather forecast and wind direction is important especially if we are planning to have fun at the beach.

It is good to read and be aware of the things that surrounds us especially about the weather because the changes of weather will affect our plans for the day.  So, in order for the plans to not be spoil it is best to search and read about windsurfing wind forecast. This is for our awareness of the weather forecast.  Your trip will never be spoil because you know what to do and where to go to make the trip enjoyable and with lots of fun because detailed and reliable information about the weather will be given to you.  So, make it a habit to visit the site and read something about wind forecast.

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The Starfish

When I first visited the province of my parents, we always go to the beach. The beach is public property so it is open for everybody. You can see many fishers going there with their boat and some residents also going to get sea creatures to partner it with rice. This is how simple the people in Bohol.

PhotobucketA week ago I went there with my brother, nephew and some cousins. I felt so sad because the beach is so different. It is not the same beach that I used to visit years ago. I was walking around the beach when I saw the tiny starfish. I do not know if it is a little starfish because it looks so tiny. I remember back then, starfish is one of my favorite sea creatures. I like to collect, dig in the white sand, put some water and put in there the starfish that I have collected. Compared to the starfish that I used to play, this starfish that you see above is so tiny. The only one that I saw in the beach. I asked my cousin about it and found out that there are people go there and collect all sea creatures that they saw. It is sad knowing people there are depending on the sea creatures at the beach for foods. Too bad that there are individuals that are too greedy and only think of the things which they can benefit. I can tell that this starfish is affected by the greediness of human beings. I so wish that the officials there will do their best to save the beach as well as the sea creatures that are living there.

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