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The birth of the new identity

Xander Ford is the name that is hot news in the country lately.  I have read so many comments, good and bad about him.  I am wondering if he is a celebrity because his name is not familiar to me.  Even my nieces are talking about him, his latest transformation.  I am so curious about him so I google it online.  His real name is Marlou Arizala.  He grew up being bullied by many.  Its affected his confidence and his life.  When the opportunity knocks on him to have surgery for free, he grabbed the chance.  To him, the surgery is the only way for him to look good so that people will look at him differently and treat him good.

The surgery is successful and the new identity of Marlou has been made.  He is now the famous Xander Ford.  He has a major transformation, and I must say he looks far beyond his look before.  People, especially girls are talking about him.  Some are happy with his transformation and congratulate him but the bashers and bad comments are still there.  He is like an instant celebrity in the country.  He is the most talked person in the country lately.  He has more confidence now and faces people with the happy face.  I do hope with all the transformation, people will treat him good and accepts his decision.  The bad thing about his transformation is that he said that Marlou is dead.  Too bad, but it is his life.  Hopefully, he will not regret it all.

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Writing an essay about abortion

A friend of mine sends me a message asking me if I could help her on her school report.  Their teacher gave them the assignment to write on what is their stand on abortion.  And they are going to the debate it on class.  Scared, that is what she told me.  So, she is asking me if I could help her write the essay for her and explain it to her.  I should make it simple for her to express her views on the class in an easy way.  It is not an easy topic I must say because there are advantages and disadvantages on abortion.  And there are reasons why people opted to commit abortion.  Also, I have to cite an example for her to use in their debate.

 I did not promise her to give a good essay but told her to write the best I can do to help her.  Since she got pregnant at a very young age, I made her story the example on the essay.  I am glad that she likes the essay I made, and like my idea of sharing her life story.  The struggle she has overcome when she got pregnant at a young age.  I am glad that I can help a friend and happy to hear the good feedback on my writing.  It has been a while since I wrote an essay.

Writing an essay about abortion is a good thing because I learned things about abortion, why women do commit abortion, reasons of aborting the child, the kinds of abortion and the likes.  It is challenging for me to give the best essay because in that way, I am not only helping a friend but also helping the young once to be responsible for their actions, for abortion is not the answer to avoid the responsibility when they got pregnant at the early age.

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It is her decision after all

One of the latest news in showbiz now is about the celebrity who chooses to change her gender preference, changed her name, and her physical appearance.  I must admit I am shocked and disturbed by that sudden change.  I never thought that she would go that far.  I mean she can act like a man and dress like a man if that what makes her happy and comfortable with, but the change your physical appearance is absurd.  It is like showing that you do not like what is God is given to you.  Well, this is not new in showbiz and in the world today because of modern technology, but to Catholic believers, this is shocking and difficult to accept and understand.

There are negative and positive comments about this issue lately.  Some are helpful and hurtful, but who cares?  If a person is happy with her decision and contended with it, that is all that matters.  This certain celebrity will be bashed and judged by some people, but soon it will die naturally as the people will slowly accept and understand her, especially her family, relative, and friends.  It is her decision after all, and people should respect that because she deserves to be respected whatever her preferences will be.  Hopefully, she will not regret this in the future.

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Always brought my Identification Card

Before every time I go out of the house, I do not bring my identification card.  I just brought coin purse, small bag, mobile phone, and handkerchief.  I do not have much on my because I do not like carrying the heavy bag.  I seldom brought my identification card for a reason that I might lose it or misplaced it.  I just put it in my closet to keep it safe.  I have lost my identification card back when I was in college.  It was the bad experience for I have to go to the People’s Attorney Office (PAW) to get the certificate of lost to get a new identification card.  That is the reason I do not bring the Identification card with me.  That was before.

Now, I always brought my identification card with me anywhere I go even if I am going to the market or fetching the kids at school.   This is because the of the President declaring the martial law in the Mindanao.  I live in Davao City, and Davao City is in Mindanao.  The declaration of martial law is due to the crisis in Marawi City.  The terrorist Maute group is spreading Mindanao, that is why bringing identification card is a must for security reason.  Hope that this crisis will be over soon so that the Mindanao will live in peace and harmonious life.

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So called the big one

My city ( Davao City) is experiencing series of earthquakes for the past week.  It is scary because other parts of Mindanao was hit my earthquake and it leaves huge damaged to the people, houses, and infrastructure.  Because of the series of earthquakes that happens in Mindanao, many speculates that the city might be hit my magnitude 7 within this week and they call it the big one.  There are warnings and seminars are being conducted to let the people know and be aware when that day comes.  People should be aware of what they are going to do when this so called big one comes.  People are scared and some are being paranoid.

Just this week, there is a letter that circulates in the social media telling that the big one might hit the city of Davao within February 24 to March 8, 2017.  And in the letter, people were advised to be ready always, things to buy, what things to put in the bag, flashlight whistle, and the area where the people should go when the big one comes.  I received the letter in my social media account and it really scares me.  There are lots of things that comes in my mind.  I felt sad seeing my nieces and nephews when this magnitude 7 earthquake hits the city.  But really, no one knows when and if this so-called big one comes or true.  I hope and pray that this is not true.  If I were to ask, I pray that this will not happen.  God is still powerful and only Him knows what will happen to us all.  We just have to be ready always.  Pray to God, keep the faith and believe in Him.

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