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Getting Special Power of Attorney (SPA) is not for free

Two months ago, my aunt and uncle told us that the lot of my grandparents in the province will be sold.  They brought the Special Power of Attorney (SPA) paper that needs our signature because my mother is dead.  As her heir we are signing the documents on her behalf.  They traveled to the province with my older and younger brother.  However, on the day of the expected first payment the buyer did not show up.  It was a bad dreams for all of us because their travel is wasted plus the money they spend is through lending.  The SPA too is not valid because of lack of information.

Now the cousin and some relatives are contacting my father asking for an SPA because another buyer is interested to buy the land.  We are excited because we really need the money, but at the same time we are doubtful because of what happened months ago.  They said that they needed our SPA as soon as possible and the older needs to bring it there as soon as possible.  However the schedule of the payment is not fix yet.  We did not get SPA yet, we told the cousin that our SPA will be ready when things are clear especially the buyer.  Because getting SPA is not for free.

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Visited A Developmental Pediatrician

The sister is so worried of her younger son.  He will turn three in two days but still can’t speak fluently.  The sister has read books about the development of a child and signs of autism.  We have visited pediatrician before and told the doctor about the nephew’s condition.  The doctor told us to give him time, maybe his development is just slow.  We took the doctor’s advice.  One year has passed and still can’t speak fluently.  The nephew has little improvements though but the sister is so worried because she is planning to enrolled her youngest this coming school year.

The sister has sought an advice to some of her friends and colleagues that has the same experienced.  They suggested that the sister should visit a developmental pediatrician.  I told the sister to give more time to her son, but the sister cannot wait for another year.  Today we visited a developmental pediatrician.  We did not able to talk to the doctor though but we already have an appointment this April. Yes, the doctor is so busy.  Her January to March schedule is full.  Hopefully the nephew will get better when he starts the treatment.  I am so excited to have a conversation with my beloved bubbly and handsome nephew.

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Cold water no more

The babies cannot sustain the coldness of the water that comes from the faucet that is why we used warm water to bath them.  Some babies are crying every time they are in the water which is normal I think because they feel cold.  This is opposite to my nephew because he loves to bath a lot and played the water.  Most of the time I took my nephew a bath because his parents are also busy preparing themselves to go to work.  I have to boil water for him to not feel very cold while taking him a bath.  This was nine months ago.

Now that my nephew is ten months old, we trained him to take a bath with water from the faucet.  No more warm water for him to get use of the water from the faucet.  At first it is very difficult because he cries when he feels very cold.  But after days of doing it, he is now used to it.  I do not have to boil water to put on his tub before taking a bath.  I am happy that my nephew is very cooperative.  He can now take a bath without hot water to mix with the cold one.  If ever we are on travel for vacation, there is no problem in taking him a bath especially if there is no hot water available.

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Labor day is a family day and rest day for me

Today (May 1, 2014) is labor day. It is a national holiday, and it means no work for everybody, except those working in the department store, and working in private company. But some private company declares no work today, like the company where my brother and SIL are working. To the parents who are both working, this is the perfect day to be with their kids and spend more time to bonding and have fun. I must say that labor day is also a family day. The brother and his family will be going to mall to treat their kids today. I like to go with them but prefer not to because it is a family bonding.

Because it is labor day, it is a rest day for me too. No kids to watch around. I can sleep, rest and relax today. I am so happy. I can do whatever I want today. Woohoo! I will be staying in my room, maybe watching Korean drama online, watching tv, listening to music or maybe talk to my friends around the globe online without any interruptions. I would spend more time with myself. I so love this day, so to speak. I hope that every day is labor day. hahaha!

What are you doing today? Are you going out or stay at home to rest?

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So she will remember me always

She is not collecting mugs but she has lots of it given by her students. Some are still on the box inside the box. And she uses some that she likes. She has different mug at her classroom, teacher’s room and at home because she likes to drink milk. Because she likes to drink milk a lot, I thought of giving my sister a custom coffee mugs. She is my best friend and my confidant and I so missed her when she got married. Since she likes color blue, I will pick color blue with nice prints. So, using the mug that I am going to give to her would always remind her of me. She will always remember me when she sees and uses it.

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