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32nd Kadayawan Festival


The city celebrates the 32nd Kadayawan Festival. This is an annual celebration in the city of Davao.  The most celebrated events in the city.  The city government is doing their best to make this festival a success.  People are expecting much this year because the country’s president is coming from the city of Davao.  The highlights of this event are the street dancing competition, the floral parade, fluvial flute, Kadayawan Dome/Square, the different ethnic groups and their houses built-in one of the parks in the city and many others.  This is the first time that the city is showing the different ethnic groups in Mindanao and people are so excited to see it and take photos of the different houses.  Indeed, it is a much see highlights of the event.  Tourist will surely enjoy their stay in the city for the Kadayawan festival.

The day before the big event, we went to the city with the kids to see the activities in the city and of course took some photos.  The kids did enjoy our short tour at the park.  We do not worry about the bad things might happen because the city is so secured.  Policemen and arm forces of the Philippines are there to make sure the safety of the people and the city.  The festival celebration was a success and people who went to witness the event going home smiling.  We did not see the real street dancing and the floral parade because it is so crowded.  We just watched the live coverage on television.  The highlights of the event are awesome.  The festival was a success I must say. Looking forward to the next Kadayawan Festival.

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Easter Sunday

The Christ’s ressurection celebrated on Easter Sunday.  Catholic believers celebrates the Easter Sunday yesterday.  It is the end of Lent and marks the end of Holy Week.  There are activities in the church started on Palm Sunday.  The Easter Sunday activities in our church started with the procession, the encounter (sugat) of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ, with angels singing throwing petals of flowers and then holy mass after.  I must say that this is the most festive events in the Catholic church and other christian believers.  For Christians, Easter is the most important day of the year.

The celebration in our church yesterday starts at 4:00 in the morning.  We always attend Easter mass, so we woke up early get the kids ready because the kids are looking forward to see the angels singing during the encounter of Jesus and Mary after three days of being dead.  The kids enjoy watching the angels singing and amazed on one angel hanging on the ceiling.  It brings back the days when me and I older sister were one of the angels.  Though I am not so aware of what is happening during that time, the pictures of me and my sister wearing white dress with wings made me understand.  I so wish my nieces and nephews will be one of the angels in Easter Sunday celebration.

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Palm Sunday

What is Palm Sunday?  This is the question that my niece asked me yesterday at the church.  I am shocked because I am surprised and I do not know how to explain it to her.  I end up asking myself the same question.  My bad, I have attended this celebration at the church but does not have enough knowledge of what it is all about.  I felt guilty of this attitude of mine.  I told myself to do a research when I get home from church.  I have to know so that when my niece asked me again, I know what to tell her and how to explain it to her.

Anyways, Palm Sunday is the week before Jesus death and resurrection.  This is the day of His victorious entry in Jerusalem.  This is also called the Passion Sunday, the beginning of the Holy Week.  The Catholic and other Christians commemorate this event by doing a procession with people carrying palms.  This is one of the important events of the faithful.  Yesterday, I attended this celebration at the church with the family and we brought palms to have it blessed by the priest.  I am happy that I get to attend because I missed it last year.

By the way, I already answered the question of my niece and I felt relieved.  Thank you niece for the knowledgeable question.

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The 80th Araw ng Dabaw

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The city of Davao (Dabaw), Philippines will celebrate 80th Araw ng Dabaw.  The Araw ng Dabaw will be on March 16, 2017.  The city of Davao prepare a three long week of celebrations.  There are lots of activities happening in the city that is for the people of Davao and tourists.  The celebration will showcase different city’s cultures from locals to other counties.  Because there are lots of foreigners living, doing business, settling in the city of Davao.   There are presentations from Japanese community, Chinese community, Indonesian Consulate and Indian community.  There is also performances about the city’s history.  Exciting indeed!

But the highlight of this celebration is the parade on the street wherein people will be able to see city’s different ethnic groups, street dancing, celebrities from national, kids dancing, and many others.  Everybody is looking forward for this one of the big event in the city of Davao.  I grew up loving this event.  I did not want to miss this event when I was young.  The only difference is that I do go to the street to watch the parade personally, I just stay at home and watch the live coverage of the parade.  Also, this is the perfect time to shop because there are lots of sale at the mall.  Stores are offering good deals like giving huge discounts on almost all items.  My sister and I planning to go to mall and grab this chance to buy the items/products that we want at a very low prices.

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Choosing the Ideal Wedding Venue

The day you get married will be one of the most important days of your life. Therefore, you will obviously want everything on that day to be perfect. There are many plans you will need to make. You will need to decide on the music, flowers and catering. However, one of your most crucial decisions will be the location of the wedding and the reception. This is a difficult decision for many people because the environment of a wedding is such a big part of a wedding ceremony. Here are a few details you should keep in mind as you begin hunting around for a proper wedding venue.

1. Will the venue be able to accommodate the number of guests that will be in attendance?

The size of your wedding venue is a critical issue that must not be overlooked. You must always find out the capacity long before you agree to rent the venue. It would be a very bad situation to find out that the venue is not as big as you need it to be after you have already signed an agreement to rent it. Therefore, you need to have a firm grasp of how many people you will be inviting to your wedding before you start looking for venues.

2. Will the venue be available for the specific day that you want?

You should always start looking for your wedding venue long before you plan to get married. This could be a problem if you are planning to have a very short engagement. The reason you need to get an early start on this sort of thing is because many of the most popular Atlantic City special events venues tend to get booked up for many months in advance. This is especially true for the summer months when most people want to have their wedding. Therefore, you need to book your wedding venue far in advance. Otherwise, you might be forced to have your wedding on a different day than the one you originally had in mind.

3. Is the price reasonable for the size of the wedding venue you are renting?

Cost is a major issue of most people when they are trying to find a suitable venue for their wedding. You would be wise to compare prices. Make sure that the price you pay is comparable to other similar venues.

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