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7.2 Magnitude Earthquake

Yesterday morning, some part of the country where shaken by 7.2 magnitude earthquake.  The supposed to be a happy day because it is a national holiday is turned into a nightmare to those affected areas especially in the province where my parents grew up.  It was a sudden incident and many are shocked.  The epicenter of the quake is in Carmen, Bohol.  Seeing the damages breaks my heart.  We have just visited the place while the family is having our summer escapade/vacation.  What really break my heart are the damaged old churches.  As we all know one of the countries old churches is found Bohol.

Since this is a natural disaster, we just have to accept it.  Everything happens for a reason as they say, whatever the reason is, only God knows.  Although this is really painful to the victims and the people who are affected, however, life must go on.  The most important is that they are still alive.  It is unfortunate to those who died, may they rest in peace.  My father already contacted our relatives in Bohol and it is good to know that they are alright and they are safe.  People are experiencing series of aftershocks; I hope and pray that this will be over soon.  Let us all pray to God because He is our great refuge.

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Rainbow after the rain

Seeing the damages that the typhoon Pablo caused last December 4, 2012 is so sad.  Thousands of household were swept away, lives of the victims buried alive, root crops, trees and many others were destroyed, the city where the typhoon landfall looks like a ghost town.  It breaks my heart seeing the victims seeking for their missing love ones, looking at the area where their house built and seeing their trees and other plants.  Though it is so painful, I can still see some of them smiling and looking the bright side of what had happened.  I have seen a woman who was interviewed by the media person.  And hearing her inspiring words made me smile.  Though she is sad, still she is thankful to God that her family is intact, which is the most important.

There is always a rainbow after the rain; this is a line from the song.  Simple sentence but if we have to think about it thoroughly, we will realize that no matter how difficult life is for us there is a bright side of everything.  It will end soon and the bright and promising tomorrow will come.  Just don’t lost hope and keep the faith.  God bless to all the typhoon victims.

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Nine days of continuous rain

After the typhoon ‘Gener‘ leaves the country, the rain still continuous because of the south-west monsoon.  The southwest monsoon is the reason the country is experiencing heavy rains and wind especially in the Luzon area.  Today is the ninth day of continuous rain that causes too much flooding in Luzon area.  I have watched in the news to keep myself updated of the current situation in Luzon.  I am worried because I do have friends and relatives who are living in some part of Luzon.  I am happy that they are not that affected.

In the news, I saw the scary wide flooding.  Many are swimming just to go to the evacuation area.  Some are stranded in their houses and some are on the roof.  It breaks my heart to see this kind of calamity.  It is not easy to be in this kind of situation but still they are managed to keep calm and in focus.  The rescuers are doing their very best to rescue the stranded people and bring them to the safe area.  Lots of properties are washed out and damaged.  There are people did not make it to survive especially those who are victims of the landslide.

As of this evening, the floods are going up because of the rain and rivers are overflowing.  I pray that the rain will stop soon.  I also pray that God will guide them and embrace them for them to keep moving and continue living.  I do hope that despite what had happened, the victims will still see the beauty of living and look at the bright side of everything.

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The typhoon Gener

Few days ago, the typhoon Gener is damaging some part of the country especially in Luzon area.  Too much rain that caused the floods.  Because the flood is getting high, classes are suspended and cancelled to affected areas.  Some properties and houses were damaged especially those lives near the beach.  The wind and the waves destroyed their abode.  I felt sad while watching in the news the damages that typhoon Gener caused.  Not only that because there are lives that were taken.  Gener is not a super typhoon but it caused lots of damages.

This morning I was watching the local news on television, the Luzon areas are still flooding.  There is still warning to those affected areas because of the heavy rain and the wind.  It has been four days now and the damages are increasing.  I do hope that the typhoon will leave soon to spare the country and the victims.  It really breaks my heart seeing those affected areas especially the kids.  In calamities like this, I felt very blessed.  However, I felt sad because it will take some time for the affected families and areas to fully recovered.  I pray that what the typhoon caused will not stop them from moving on because life is beautiful.  Things are happens for a reason.  And no matter how hard life is, let us always look at the bright side of it.

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Series of storms

Because of the series of storm that is hitting the country, some areas are flooding.  Residence are moving to evacuation area for their safety.  The storm causes heavy rains for days.  In Luzon areas, some classes were suspended because of the heavy rain and floods.  I have watched news of television about the storm update and it makes me sad seeing those people walking in the water, water is coming in their house, flash flood and other incidents caused by the heavy rain.  This calamity is normal because the country do experiences lots of storms and typhoons in a year.  But still it is sad to see the damage it caused to affected areas.

Flooding happens because of the clogged water drainage, throwing of garbage anywhere, and cutting of trees (logging).  These are some of the reasons that is why people were advised to clean the drainage and canal, throw the garbage in proper places and stop logging.  Trees does helps absorbing the water from the rain and prevents soil erosion.  Unfortunately, there are greedy people who keep on doing the logging of trees for their own benefits.  Sad to say, they are doing it for business.  That is why they are not sensitive enough to care for the mother earth.  I do wish that this would stop so that people will be free from flooding and flash floods.  And also, I hope that people will do coöperate in cleaning the drainage and throwing their garbage in proper places so that no more stagnant water.

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