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Start the year right

I am not saying that my 2017 was not right, it’s jus that I am a little lazy when it comes to updating my blogs.  I do not have much time to sit and update my blogs because of the kids at home at keeps me busy.  I felt guilty for not giving much time with my blogs.  My laziness wins most of the time.  Argsh, my excuses.  I am lacking of time last year because I am taking care of my sister’s youngest.  I get too tired at night and opted to sleep that sit down and face my laptop.  Things that I do want to change this year.  I am crossing my fingers and hope to do this right.

Anyways, this year I wanted to start my year right.  I promise to give time in updating my blogs.  Write regularly to give my visitors something new to read about, (if I have a reader…haha!).  More research, and lots of reading to give more ideas on something that I write on my blogs.  I guess I have to buy new reading materials so I have references.  And will read what is the latest news so I will be more updates on current issues to give my opinions and ideas on here, positive views and opinions if possible. *whew!

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Applying for new EON account

Three years ago, I applied for an EON card.  Now I have to get a replacement for the card is now expired.  I went to my card provider to get a replacement of my old EON card.  I have to wait for a week for they are going to process it.  After a week of waiting, the new EON card is in my hands now.  I asked the teller if the can is now activated and is ready to link it to PayPal.  I am happy that is it activated already.  When I reached home, I open my computer and linking the card number.  Unfortunately, I got an error response after linking it.  I do not know what is wrong with my new card.  The following day I went to the bank and asked the in-charger why I got error when I linked the card.  She told me it is because I have zero balance.  Because I really wanted my card to be okay so I can withdraw my money, I deposited money in the bank so I can link it.

However, after I deposited money in my account, the card is still error.  I have tried many times until the PayPal told me that they can no longer add my card for I have entered the number/account many times already.  OMG!  I am so sad and wanted to shout after reading the email from PayPal.  I tried to send email to them hoping that they will consider adding my card, but they suggested getting a new account.  I am so frustrated because the money that I paid for renewal is wasted.  In a way, I hate myself for not being inpatient.  If I only take my time and not tried to link it many times, my card won’t be wasted.  I do not have any choice now but to get a new EON card/account for me to continue using PayPal.  Indeed patience is a virtue.  I just have to charge it to experience.  After that mistake, I am wiser now I guess and promise not to make the same mistake again and always have patience.

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In new home

Among my nine websites, Genny Speaks lives in other home because this website is my winning piece from the giveaway I joined.  The prizes are four years contracts of domain and one year contract for hosting.  Since the host is my friend, we agreed that the prize will be change to four years hosting and one year domain contract.  One year had past and I am about to renew the domain and the hosting of this website.  I do not have any issues with the hosting of this website just that the hosting is a bit expensive compared to the hosts of my other websites.  There is a big difference in the amount that is why I decided to transfer the hosting of this website.

I have contacted the hosts of the other websites if she could add this website under her hosting.  I am so glad that she said yes.  The host sets up the cpanel and arrange this website to be back on-line again.  In less than an hour, this website is alive and kicking under new hosting and new home.  I am happy that all of my websites are under one host.  If there is problems in the near  future, I can easily contact the host because she is a friend.  Thanks for your patience and for setting up this website.  Now that this blog is under new home, I wish for the best and more opportunities to come.  To my old host, thanks very much it was great experience under your hosting.

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Messed up my layout

This morning I decided to make some changes to my new blog site.  I am thinking of having a niche for me to have an idea what to write.  And also to be different from my other blogs which are general niches.  I have learned that there are advertisers are into travel and food blogs, I made some changes to my two blogs.  I changed the titles and the subtitle.  And because I changed the titles, I have to change also the link I have put in my other blogs.   Among my blogs this one is different because I am not putting the title of my other blogs, all I have to do it to put the badge of my other blogs.

I am in the middle of putting links and the code of the badge when I accidentally deleted a code which I do not remember.  I am too careless in linking my other blogs.  When I view the homepage of this blog, the sidebar widgets are messing up.  I am trying to undo the page and refresh it but still I did not retrieve the missing code that causes the mess.  I am so worried because the layout of this blog is made to order.  I go over in my files and happy to see that I still have the zipped code of the layout of this blog.  I uploaded it again to bring it back to normal.  I am happy about it even if I have to do the widgets back again.  It took me some time but worth it because the sidebar widgets of this blog are now back to normal.

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My New Look

Still recognized me?  Yes, this is me and I have a new look.  The look that I wanted to have for months.  Finally Ryanne give some time to make an awesome theme.  I did not expect this because I thought she is resting for a while because of her busy schedule.  But when she messaged me and informing me that she will start to make theme for this blog, I am so happy.  I am flattered to know that my order is still on her list.  Just this afternoon when I am checking my emails, I saw email from her.  An email that I am have waited to arrive.  My order is delivered and I am so much loved it.

Nothing beats the artistic touch and the talent of Ryanne.  She has the talent that I  Glad I meet this talented girl online.  In fact, she made three themes for me and one header.  Her service is very affordable that is makes me wants to contact her every time I want some makeover in my blog theme.  If you want your blogs to be as pretty like mine, just contact Ryanne and have her service.  I can assure you that you will never regret it because she has a very satisfying job.  I can proved that.

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