Run for Marawi 2018

As we all know that the city of Marawi was damage because of the war against the Maute group.  Thank God, the war is over, and people are going back to their house (damaged house) and start anew with the help of the government, donations from people that wanted to help to make the city of Marawi and the people rise again.  It is not easy to those affected people, but with the help of those people with the good heart and the good heart of the President of the Philippines, I am pretty sure that Marawi will surely rise and become an improved city.

In our city, there is local radio channel that is having fun- raising, for the rehabilitation of the people of Marawi and to send humanitarian aid to the evacuees of Marawi Siege.  They call it, Run for Marawi.   It is a fun run this coming February 18, 2018.  The proceeds from this event will be for the city of Marawi and the people.  This is our chance to help our unfortunate countrymen who were affected by the war.  In our little way, we will be able to help them start anew and bring smiles to their faces with our help.  My brother, father, and niece will be supporting this event and will join the fun run to help.  I wanted to help too.  My brother will be going to the radio station one of these days to pay for the registration for the fun run.

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