Imposing a law in mental issue

I was listening to a local radio station this morning and their topic is all about teenager of who commits suicide after the heartbreak.  I wonder why they easily took their own life with the simple problem.  Yes, breaking up with someone we love dearly is so painful, but we must know that there are things that are not meant to be.  If we are in a relationship, we must know that this is just permanent.  Some things might happen along the way, and it is best to end it for the good of both parties.  In the situation like this, we must learn to accept the things that are not meant for us.  We may get depressed but if we learn to share and open it to the family, we will move on fast and go on with life.  Family intervention does help a lot especially to young ones who suffered heartaches at a young age.  And of course, prayer is the best medicine.

This issue is very alarming, that is why the city mayor is imposing a law on a mental issue.  This law will surely help to save the life of young ones who lost hope after the heartbreaks.  They need proper counseling for them to really understand this kind of issue and what is going on.  That they have better future ahead of them.  They need to realize that there is always the rainbow after the rain, and there is light at the end of the dark tunnel.  Life is so beautiful to end it.  Failure, heartaches, and sorrows are like spices of life.  They come and go to make us stronger, wiser and better person.  We just must continue moving and think of the family and the future.  And do not forget to pray and talk to God.   Hopefully, this mental health law will be passed.

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