World Teacher’s Day

Every fifth day of October, we observes World Teacher’s Day.  This is an annual celebration started since October 5, 1994.  This is a very special day for the appreciation of the teachers special contribution in the community particularly in the field of education.  They educated the student to have good future, helping the students in developing their skills, and sharing their knowledge to the future generation.  They played very important role in molding the future generation of the country/world.  Celebrating the teachers day is one way of thanking our dearest teachers taught us and remembering their big contribution in our life.  Of we become after education.

Today in World Teachers Day.  Schools in the city have their little program for teachers.  Students are giving flowers, cards, foods, chocolates, balloon and the likes.  My sister receives lots of flowers, cookies and chocolates from her students.  My nephews and nieces bought something for their teachers too.  Small presents are not enough for all the sacrifices, efforts, patience and time the teachers give to their students.  During this day, I always remember my teacher and professors before.  They taught me many things.  Part of who I am now is because of them.  I am forever grateful to my teachers.  God bless all the teachers in the world.

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