Earthquake drill at school

Due to the series of earthquake incidents in the country and abroad, the school, offices, and other establishments are conducting earthquake drill.  This is to let the people know what they should do when this incident happens.  Also, to avoid panicking and be always ready.  Some government employees are putting markers on the area where there is fault line.  To be honest, I am really scared of earthquake and other natural calamities.  I do not know if I can think straight and do the right thing when that day comes.  I hope and pray it will not happen.

Anyways, today the school where my nephew is studying conducting an earthquake drill.  This is the third time actually.  The first one is not that convincing because some students are laughing and walking like a princess while the emergency siren is on.  They are not taking is seriously.  Good thing they have more than one drill.  The drill today is quiet convincing.  No more laughing though some are not still it is a success earthquake drill.  I saw my nephew is he is paying attention.  He is listening to the instruction of his teacher.  Funny is when I asked him about what they are doing, he answered me “I don’t know”.  He said, their teacher told them to get out and put their hands on their head. haha!

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