No to durian candy for now

Many were rushed to the hospital due to food poisoning caused by durian candy in Surigao del Sur.  After eating the durian candies that were sold to them on the streets the victims suffered from vomiting and dizziness.  Most of the victims were kids at  the school.  It says that a man sold the candy in the school at a very cheap price.  The incident is very alarming because 6 towns in Surigao del Sur were affected by this poisoning caused by durian candies.  I am worried if this candies were spread in some parts in Mindanao.

Because of this incident, I told to the nieces and nephews not to buy durian candies on the streets, and in the store selling durian candies for now.  To be more safe.  Prevention is better than cure, as they say.  Of course the kids reacted because durian candy is one of their favorites.  I have to explain to them why I prohibit them to buy and eat durian candy for now.  Anyways, the investigation is going on.  This incident will be cleared and will explain to the people why this candy becomes poisonous.  Hopefully the durian candy be cleared so we can continue eating one of our favorite candies.

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