Following what I taught

Since the nanny of my two nephews left, I do not have enough time for my two years old nephew to play with him because my hands are so full with my other nephew.  My sister asked me to baby-sit her sons while they are still looking for a new baby-sitter.  I can sense that my two years old nephew got jealous because he is being a brat.  He does not want to listen to me and does not follow what I teach him.  I am having some hard time to explain to him that his cousin needs more time compared to him.  I just extend my patience teaching him and trying my very best to spend time with him while the baby is sleeping.

I am so happy because he is now being a good boy now and following what I teach him.  I can tell that my nephew is a smart boy because at his very young age, he understands what I told him.  It took me patience and effort to control my anger and I am glad I am able to control it.  The house is calm now because my two years old nephew does not cause so many messes.  He is now following what I say and doing the things that I wanted him to do.  He is a helping little boy I can tell.

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