Attending Recollection for her first communion

In preparation for the first communion, the niece together with her father attended recollection.  The parent/s is encouraged to attend too for their kid/s to understand well about the recollection and for them to focus.  The niece is lucky to have her father going with her.  During my time no one is attending with me.  I attended the recollection alone so to speak.  My mother passed away early and my father is busy with his job.  So, I do not have any choice but to go alone.  I do not remember any more about our recollection, the only memories I have is that I go alone.  Even on the day of our communion.

Anyways, the recollection date is so perfect for my brother because it is his birthday.  He attended recollection with his daughter on his birthday, perfect day to reflect and thank the Lord for the gift of life and for another year of life.  The recollection lasted for six hours.  After the recollection they attended a mass and then the brother light a candle to thank the Lord.  I so wish I could attend a recollection on my birthday too.  After the recollection the niece is so ready for their first communion tomorrow.  Her white dress and other stuffs are ready.  I hope I will be able to go with them to take some photos of her.

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