The year of Filipina Beauty

Many say that the year 2013 is not a good year because of the last two digits which is the 13.  I do not know why they said it and where did they get the idea that the number 13 is not a good number.  If this number is bad luck, why they put this number?  Do you think that way too?  Well, in life we do encounter bad times and good times.  It is part of living the life we want.  Also, we cannot live a meaningful life if we only want good times, right?  Have you ever thought that bad times really make us stronger and wiser person because we learned from that and we do not want to happen it again.  Once is enough as they say.

Anyhow, this year is a good year for the Filipina beauties internationally.  The country has won three major titles of some prestigious beauty pageant.  The country grabbed the Miss Supranational 2013, Miss World 2013 and the Miss International 2013.  Good enough to say that Filipina beauties reign this year.  Though the country faces series of calamities this year, yet there are still reasons to celebrate.  I must say 2013 isn’t bad at all.  In my personal life, I can also tell that this year is great to me.  I have loving family and receive blessings from God.

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