Moving to nearby cities and other provinces

Because of the bad memories that the people in affected areas of the super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan –international name), some people/residents have decided to leave their land and move to nearest city and other provinces.  To them, there is no reason to stay there since their houses was swept away and eaten by the super typhoon.  They only have bad memories and it will be so difficult for them to move on.  It is not easy to live the place where they grow up, but they do not have any choice.  They wish to survive that is why they decided to continue their lives in other place/s of the country.

Though some have decided to stay and continue their lives.  It would be a big struggle to bounce back but with their determination and their family I am pretty sure they will.  It will take a lot of time, efforts and patience I must say.  But knowing the attitude of my countrymen, I am sure they will make it in the future.  Their attitude of not giving up will help them to bounce back.  And to those who decided to leave the town and move to other place, I wish they will be able to move on too and bounce back from the disaster.  After all, life must continue, no matter how hard it is.  Keep moving, move forward and hope for the best my countrymen.

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