The tickets were sold out

When I heard that the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) will have a game here in the city, I am so happy because I really want to see PBA game for real.  I am a big fan of PBA since I was nine until now.  I am even more excited to watch because my team will be the one playing.  Woohoo!  I talked to my friend who is a big fan of PBA as well if he could secure tickets for us.  I am planning to go watch with my older brother and him.  He knows someone who can get tickets for us, so I am counting on him.

Unfortunately, three days before the scheduled game, his contact told him that there is no more tickets.  Tickets were sold out.  I felt like crying because it means I am going to miss the chance to watch the game of my team for real and be able to see my favorite PBA players.  I guess it is not the right time yet.  The money that I have intended for the tickets will go to my savings.  Even though I am sad that I miss the chance to watch the PBA game for real, still I have glad that I am saved the money.  I just hope that PBA will have another game schedule in my city and my team will be playing.  That time, I see to it that I will be able to watch it.

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