7.2 Magnitude Earthquake

Yesterday morning, some part of the country where shaken by 7.2 magnitude earthquake.  The supposed to be a happy day because it is a national holiday is turned into a nightmare to those affected areas especially in the province where my parents grew up.  It was a sudden incident and many are shocked.  The epicenter of the quake is in Carmen, Bohol.  Seeing the damages breaks my heart.  We have just visited the place while the family is having our summer escapade/vacation.  What really break my heart are the damaged old churches.  As we all know one of the countries old churches is found Bohol.

Since this is a natural disaster, we just have to accept it.  Everything happens for a reason as they say, whatever the reason is, only God knows.  Although this is really painful to the victims and the people who are affected, however, life must go on.  The most important is that they are still alive.  It is unfortunate to those who died, may they rest in peace.  My father already contacted our relatives in Bohol and it is good to know that they are alright and they are safe.  People are experiencing series of aftershocks; I hope and pray that this will be over soon.  Let us all pray to God because He is our great refuge.

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