Confronted the neighbor

I always reminded the kids not to fight and quarrel other kids.  I told them to be friendly and not be mean.  I do not want them to grow up bullying other kids and being mean.  As much as possible I want them to be friendly and treat others the way they want to be treated.  I know that their innocent mind gets influenced easily. that is why I always reminded them.  I watched them interacting and playing with other ks.  When they become mean, I get their attention right away and tell them what they did is wrong.  I told them to say sorry for what they did.  I trained them to say sorry when they hurt someone even to their cousins, siblings and older to them.  As the home is our first school, I am trying to be a good teacher to them since their parents are both working.

I am a calm person, as much as possible I do not want to confront the parents/guardians when the kids are fighting/quarreling.  But after seeing the wounded face of my nephew, I did not able to control myself.  I hurriedly went to the neighbor and I raised my voice.  It gets me so sorry seeing the face of the nephews.  I did get mad at the child.  I have forgiven the child three times already, fourth time is too much for me.  I need to give the child a lesson.  The neighbor child is being so mean and bad to my nephew several times already.  Confronting the mother is the right thing to do for her to teach her child some manners and to teach her daughter  to be nice and friendly to other kids.

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