Asthma is here again

The one year old nephew has cried for two days now.  He is vomiting due to severe cough.  He wanted to drink his milk but every time he does he pukes.  Yes, asthma is here again and gives pain to the nephew.  I felt so pity for the nephew.  If I have the power to grab the cough and transfer it to me, I already done it.  I cannot do any household chores because the nephew wants me to just carry her.  He is a bit heavy so carrying him for hours makes me so tired.  I even yelled at him because my arms are really so tired and my ears are sick of his cry.  I know I am a bad aunt that day and I am so sorry for the nephew.  His demands rise up to the boiling point.  My patience d and I am sad because I did not expand it that long because I get mad to the little innocent one.  Even so, I did hug the nephew and said sorry for what I did. I was not able to control my anger because I am so tired.

The nephew now is getting better after the medicine that the doctor prescribed when we went there last Friday to have him check.  Thanks to the doctor for the nephew is getting better now.  No more cries because he is now playing with his cousins.  I hope his condition will get even better soon because it is good to see him smiling and playing tan crying.

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