Glad we cancelled it

Yesterday, the sister and I decided to go to the mall today because the mall is on sale.  We want to take this opportunity to buy the things that we like in a lesser price.  The mall offers up to 50% discount on selected items and 20% on all items.  It is up to you what deal you are going to avail and take.  I wanted to buy new pants, umbrella and bag.  However, later this afternoon the sister decided not to go to the mall.  Said she feels lazy and just wanted to lay down and rest.  I do understand her because the sister is four months pregnant and being lazy is normal to pregnant women.

Since we cancelled the supposed to be going to the mall plan, we just stayed at home and watched our favorite local shows.  We were enjoying the show when we noticed that the cloud is getting gloomy.  I am glad we cancelled the plan because it is difficult to be outside with the kids and raining because the kids gets sick easily.  Hopefully the weather tomorrow and on Sunday is not gloomy so that our plans to go to the mall will push through.

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