Thanks for inviting us

One of the most important day of our life is our birthday.  It is the first day we were born and the day of our life here in the world after leaving inside the womb of our dear mother.  Because it is important we do celebrates our birthday every year.  We celebrates because we want to tell the world how blessed we are each year.  May it be a simple celebration, the important is that we are able to give thanks to the Lord who gave us the gift of life.  As for myself, I never forgets to go to the church every birthdays.

I am saying this because today we are invited by a friend who is celebrating her 60th birthday.  60 years of blessed and abundant life.  She is so great for she reach this age.  She wanted to give thanks and share the  blessings she had received in life.  What is nice about her is that she chooses to celebrate it with her friends and co-workers at the beach.  How thoughtful of her of doing it.  And since she is a friend, we are invited.  Because the celebration is at the beach, the kids loves it.  We woke up early this morning, go to church before going to the beach.  It was one wonderful Sunday for the family especially for me because I am able to unwind and relax.  It is really great to spend time at the beach. Thanks for inviting us over.

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