Series of storms

Because of the series of storm that is hitting the country, some areas are flooding.  Residence are moving to evacuation area for their safety.  The storm causes heavy rains for days.  In Luzon areas, some classes were suspended because of the heavy rain and floods.  I have watched news of television about the storm update and it makes me sad seeing those people walking in the water, water is coming in their house, flash flood and other incidents caused by the heavy rain.  This calamity is normal because the country do experiences lots of storms and typhoons in a year.  But still it is sad to see the damage it caused to affected areas.

Flooding happens because of the clogged water drainage, throwing of garbage anywhere, and cutting of trees (logging).  These are some of the reasons that is why people were advised to clean the drainage and canal, throw the garbage in proper places and stop logging.  Trees does helps absorbing the water from the rain and prevents soil erosion.  Unfortunately, there are greedy people who keep on doing the logging of trees for their own benefits.  Sad to say, they are doing it for business.  That is why they are not sensitive enough to care for the mother earth.  I do wish that this would stop so that people will be free from flooding and flash floods.  And also, I hope that people will do coöperate in cleaning the drainage and throwing their garbage in proper places so that no more stagnant water.

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