Intensity 3 yesterday

I was bring the kids to their morning nap when I felt the house is shaking.  I went out of the room at asked my father if there is an earthquake.  The father and the brother also felt the earthquake.  Though it happened for  few minutes only, still it scares me.  Lots of negative thoughts in my mind.  I remember the earthquake that shakes Japan and caused the tsunami.  I just grabbed the kids and wait till the shaking is gone.  After the shaking is gone, a friend message me on yahoo messenger telling me that there was an earthquake.   And also, read on some social media sites.

In the news later that day, I learned that the earthquake that hits the region is intensity three.  Thanks to God for the earthquake is not that strong and heavy even the epicenter.  And there is no serious damage that happens.  Even though the earthquake is just intensity three, it does scares the people especially kids at school.  My sister told me that her students are crying, carrying their bags and ready to go out of the classroom.  Good thing the sister was able to control her students and bring them back to their sits.

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One Response to “Intensity 3 yesterday”

  1. I hurriedly went out to open the door in the kitchen so we could go out immediately if it will shake long.