Asthma symptoms

Severe cough at night and vomiting after drinking his milk makes the sister so worried that is why she decided to bring her son to his pediatrician to have him checked.  The sister is nervous when it comes to his son.  She wanted to know the what is really wrong with her son to ease her worries.   It has been months since the last time the nephew infected by cough. The sister is at ease for those months that the nephew is not sick.  The condition that the parents especially the mother wants for their baby because it is not easy when a baby got sick.

It has been a week since the nephew is coughing.  We tried to give him herbal medicine but it does not work.  The sister is so worried that is why we went to the pediatrician’s clinic to check up nephew yesterday.  After the check up, we know that the nephew’s condition is not that serious.  His coughing is a symptoms of having an asthma and allergy.  Not serious because the nephew can outgrow it as he grows.  Only we have to avoid putting powder on his body and any cologne.  Not bad at all.  The sister is now feel at ease because she already knows the reason of his son’s coughing at night.  The pediatrician gives medicine that the nephew needs for his allergy and coughing at night though for him to not vomit.

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