Earthquake hits the country

The country was very saddened yesterday because of the 6.9 earthquake that shakes some parts in Visayas and Mindanao.  It is so sad to know that there are properties that are damaged, lives are taken and some are missing.  Because of the high magnitude earthquake, there was a landslide in some parts of Visayas that caused the damaged of some properties and lives.  The quake was so sudden that makes the people in the affected areas are panicking and running here and there.  The worse is that when they heard a tsunami alert from the PhiVolcs that scares the people.  Many are rushing to the higher part to be safe with their families.  Good thing is that the tsunami alert was false alarmed.  People went back to their homes after the earthquake.

The rescuers are still looking for any survivor in the areas where landslides happens.  Looking at the damaged that the earthquake caused made me sad because some of the affected areas are not fully recovered from the typhoon that hits the area December last year.  People are still coping up from the lost of properties and lives and now another calamities are hitting them.  Indeed, when it rains it pours.  But despite of it all, we should be thankful to God that we are still alive.  It is still a blessing to be alive.  God won’t give us trials that we cannot handle, just keep the faith and believing in Him.


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