Still no firecrackers allowed in the city

It has been years since the former mayor of the city made a law that no fireworks in the city during Christmas and New Year.  This is so to avoid fire incidents caused by fireworks and those individual who accidentally explode fireworks on their hands.  Many likes it especially those who are against of the fireworks.  But those there are also against it, especially those who are selling firecrackers during holiday season.  Everyone is encouraged to just make  noise using other things in welcoming Christmas and New year to avoid accidents in using firecrackers.  I personally likes the idea of new firecrackers to avoid incidents.

This year, the city elected a new city mayor.  New leader and new law will be created.  However, the new elected city mayor is the daughter of the former mayor.  Which means the law that her father is created will remained except for those need to be changed.  Many are glad including me.  SmileyAgain the city will celebrate New Year without firecracker and it is so nice.  Let us make some noise and go dancing on the street again.   Happy New Year Everyone!

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2 Responses to “Still no firecrackers allowed in the city”

  1. Cge lang gen.. mag -imagine nalang tag pa buto ani… maayo man pud gani arun di ko kagasto… hehehe… salamat sa laag 🙂

  2. Pinx says:

    okay ra na gen oi… at least safe ang mga taga davao.