I am serious now

I have always told myself I have to lose weight and burn the fats in my belly.  I have also tried different diet methods, pills and teas but I end up to zero.  It is very frustrating I must say thinking of the time and efforts I have spend and end up nothing.  I guess the problem is me.  I am not too determined to give up those tempting foods.  I cannot say no to one of my favorite things to do which is eating.  I am blaming myself because I do not have that discipline in terms of eating a lot.  I like to lose weight but cannot give up my passion to eat.

Thinking of the things that I have done in the past just to lose weight makes me sad.  And I want to make it happen now and be serious.  Yes, I am serious now and I hope that this is for real.  Goodbye to yummy foods, welcoming eat less method and self-discipline in eating.  It is really up to me now, if I want to do it now and be serious of doing it for once.  This is it; I can do this, will surely do this and make this happen this time.  wink!

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2 Responses to “I am serious now”

  1. May says:

    I know, right? But it’s super hard to say no to yummy food. 😀 But yes, if you will it, you can do it. Cheers, Genny!

  2. I know how you feel fellow blogger, but don’t let your hopes and guard down. Who says having an extra belly is ugly? (ng makaltokan ko). Eating is a human right and no one should dare to tell you to lose weight when you know that your eating ahehe (consintidor ba?) but anyway I wish you best of luck on your new endeavor! more will power and more supportive family and friends cause you know what they say “everything starts at home” and I mean Everything talaga starts at home