If the feeling is gone

Sharing the same feeling with someone is the best experience each individual could ever have.  To show it by how much we love and care for that person.  Nothing compares the happiness this feeling brings to every individual in the world.  It is the kind of feeling that we want to tell the world of how great to feel love and be loved.  It is so sad to know that with all the effort we have given, there are things that made the feeling dies so suddenly.

Sometimes in our life, we just woke up and suddenly felt nothing at all.
I have always believed that we have to follow our intuition because it gives us hint of what happen behind our back.  Living in lies is unfair that is why telling the truth and be honest to one’s being is the best thing to do.  If the feeling is already gone, it is best to lay all the cards and be honest to each other.  Others are too scared to do it and that hurts the most.  The most painful part of every relationship is to know that the feeling that both shared has gone.  Even though it hurts, we have to accept it because it is part of life and part of growing up.

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