Who to Blame?

It has been said that our hair is our crowning glory. There are curly hair, wavy hair, straight hair and frizzy hair. That is why we do invest and do our best to make our hair looks good.  I can say that taking good care of our hair to make it healthy is never easy.  Speaking for myself, I do make an investment of my hair because I do have wavy hair and I want to make it straight.  A bit expensive but it is worth it because I get what I want.

The friend of my sister has curly hair and she wanted to make it straight.  She did invest to get the hair she wanted.  Went to the parlor and have them straight her hair.  Unfortunately, her hair is falling and becomes frizzy.  She cannot comb it because it falls.  Her crowning glory is not crowning glory anymore.  She goes back to the parlor that did her hair because she is seeking for an answer to her question.  The parlor says no comment.  She wants to sue them for what has happened to her hair.  This is what she gets after spending so much for her hair.  Feel so bad for her and I hope her hair will be back to normal soon.

When these things happened, who were to blame?  It is so scary and makes me think of not going to parlor to fix my hair.


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